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There are rules? What rules?

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

As part of my job I frequently research what my competition is doing and what other career experts have to say. I would love to think we’re all like-minded but I suppose today I got my first real reality check. I was going along in my glory thinking with my experience I have the answers to it all when I abruptly found out that something I had developed was ‘inconsistent’ with another writers standards. Said writer has a Ph.D in Career Management and a laundry list of other credentials to go with it. Once I got over my natural pangs of rejection any human feels when such an event occurs I frantically began my research. Being the researcher that I am… I wanted to know what about my work was inconsistent with this extremely educated and seemingly overqualified writer (on paper at least). What I discovered was there are no rules… only guidelines…The Rules

I frequently find myself frustrated by the large amounts of misinformation out there on the net today about resume writing and interview coaching. Everyone has an opinion and thinks they are the expert. What I judge an expert by is not only their credentials but their real world experience and results.

So how do you know if the information you’re reading is right or wrong. Well, first off – there are no rules. I heard this from an amazing person in the resume writing industry, in fact I read it from her book Expert Resumes for Managers and Executives. Her name is Wendy Enelow. She is what I aspire to be as a resume writer in my career. I can only hope to create for my career what she has for hers. When I first read this statement I said, you must be kidding! No rules? That is insane! But what I have come to realize is there really are no rules and it is all a guessing game. But whose guess hits the target the closest? This is what sets us all apart.

Personally, I believe writers and companies that employ former hiring managers, recruiters, top decisions makers, and human resources experts have the advantage. While resume writing training, courses, and books can teach you everything you could ever want to know about the craft what they can’t give you is real world experience on the playing field – reviewing thousands of resumes and deciding who gets the interview and whose resumes will go in file 13.

I think having a background in Human Resources Management and recruiting is what sets us apart and gives us the lead on the playing field. I know what hiring managers are looking for because I’ve been there and done it for the past ten years. And while there are no set rules, there are general guidelines that anyone should follow when crafting a resume. I know what sets me apart as a writer and business owner but have you thought about what sets you apart as a job seeker? What can you offer a company that no one else can?

Answer that question and you are well on your way to creating your personal and professional brand, and developing a killer resume.