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Tips For Improving Your Executive Job Search in the New Year

January 27, 2010 1 comment

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s time make some choices regarding your executive job search that could help offer you a fresh start. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to evaluate your job search methods and to find ways to improve your chances of landing a dream position in 2010.

Reevaluate What You Want

As you’re thinking about the executive career you’re looking for, it’s good to make sure you feel the same way that you did about your career track a few months ago. It’s natural to evolve over time and have your career objectives evolve with you. So before you go with the “flow” you’ve created for yourself, take some time to make sure you’re heading in the direction you want to move in at this point. You may realize that it’s time to actually reevaluate your goals and begin searching for a career in a totally different industry.

Look for New Industry Trends

If you’re sure that you’re on the right track with the career you’re pursuing, even at this stage in your career, it’s good to keep searching for new trends to learn and understand. You may know a great deal about your industry, but without being entrenched in it regularly, it’s hard to know everything that’s going on. So in the New Year, it’s a good idea to see what new trends are expected in your industry then take the necessary steps to prepare yourself for changes (i.e. take new classes, add new categories to your blog, etc.).

Build Your Online Professional Brand

If you have yet to expand on your online presence, it is more than important that you get started sooner than later, so why not do it for the New Year? Many employers recruit executive-level professionals they’ve found online, so it’s important to build a brand in this area.

One fast and easy way to build an online presence is to create a free LinkedIn profile that allows you to list your employment history, education, and even garner recommendations. Also, you could create a free blog that allows you to give tips, advice and insight about your field.

Another great way to expand your online presence is to purchase a website domain in your name. This can be cheap–expect to pay as little as $10 per year, with additional costs of about $5 per month for hosting. On your website, you could create a simple page that lists your name, title, contact information and a link to your LinkedIn page/resume (don’t forget to create a creative, yet professional design).

Review Your Resume

One of the most important ways to get a good start to your job search in 2010 is to review your resume. Add anything to your resume that might be significantly influential, including training courses, guest blogs, etc. Also, you want to check to grammar and spelling errors, as well as any cosmetic adjustments you might want to make to help improve its appearance. With every new year comes a breadth of new opportunities, and you’ll certainly want to take advantage of these opportunities whenever and wherever possible. So as you prepare for a new year of job seeking, don’t forget to refresh and rebuild for 2010.

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Are You On Maturity Leave?

October 11, 2009 3 comments

question_markI once worked with a woman who was pregnant and was rapidly approaching her due date. In an effort to prepare clients for her absence she sent out a mass email detailing who would be handling their accounts while she was gone on maturity leave. Yes, you read that right. She sent out an email to many, many clients telling them that she would be taking maturity leave. Apparently in twelve weeks she would return more mature than when she left. Yikes!

She quickly realized her mistake and sent out another mass email letting them know that she didn’t think she was in need of maturity leave but that maternity leave might be in order after she had her baby. Except for a bit of embarrassment over her mistake there was no damage done. On a cover letter or resume however, the damage will be your resume ending up in the garbage can of many, many recruiters and hiring managers.

I cannot stress how imperative it is to send out a flawless resume. One little mistake can speak volumes to a hiring manager. It tells them: you’re lazy, you rush through things, you don’t value quality, the end product is not important to you and on and on! None of those things may be true but your resume is the first impression prospective employers have of you and like it or not they will judge you!

If spelling and grammar are not your strongest skills, ask someone else to take a look at your resume before you send it out. Ask two people. The more eyes on it the better. Don’t rely on spell check to catch all mistakes. If you used ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ or if you meant to type increased sales but instead typed increased ales, spell check won’t flag it. (If you’re still not convinced refer back to the first paragraph.)

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