As part of our ongoing effort to educate the American workforce and growing number of professionals on the unemployment list we’re offering a FREE – NO STRINGS ATTACHED – RESUME ANALYSIS.

You don’t have to purchase anything from us, in fact you don’t even have to read our blog. Just email us a copy of your resume to We won’t sign you up on any pesky email lists that you can never get off of and the only email you’ll receive from us will be your resume evaluation.

We will review your resume and see how it stacks up to today’s standards for resume writing and what hiring managers are looking for in a resume. We will provide you with a written analysis explaining what our concerns are for your resume and a strategy to make improvements. You can’t beat that! I don’t know any other companies that offer such an indepth service to job seekers for FREE!

What is even better is we’re HONEST too. We’ll tell you the truth. If your resume rocks the house and doesn’t need any edits or revisions we’ll let you know. If it needs only one or two tweaks we’ll tell you. But be prepared because if your resume needs a major overhaul we’re going to tell you that too.

Feeling brave enough? Send us your resume now and receive your FREE resume analysis. Send it to Don’t forget to check your junk mail folder just in case.

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