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Hello… hello…? Is my brand in there?

This morning I read an article in BusinessWeek about famous movie director Brett Ratner. I was intrigued by the article because on the front page it had a picture of him with the caption, “Brand-minded filmmaker Brett Ratner.” I thought to myself, what does Brett Ratner know about branding? Simply stated, more than most!

The article discusses his recent endeavors into the world of advertising and marketing and how he incorporates his brand (or the brand that he’s promoting) into everything he does … his movies, commercials, and the Internet. He is in every sense of the word brand minded.

My question to you is, how brand minded are you? Do you incorporate your brand into everything you do? Into every aspect of your job search?

Does your brand permeate throughout your cover letter, resume, applications, interviews, and social networking profiles? If I view your LinkedIn profile will I immediately be able to recognize your professional brand? Does that translate to your resume?
My challenge to you this week is to take a look at every job search tool you are using—whether in print or online—and ensure that your professional brand is incorporated into each one. Let’s all focus this week on being a little more brand minded. The results could amaze you.

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