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Sell Me – Don’t Tell Me!

Sell Me Don’t Tell Me

The problem I frequently run in to when reviewing resumes is that people want to tell me what they did versus selling it to me. Telling me makes you sound like everyone else and frankly is quite boring. Selling me on what you did makes you unique, it makes you stand out in the crowd. When writing your own resume answer this one simple question and you can’t go wrong: “What makes me different then everyone else around me?”

Think about it for a second, what makes you better than all the other people who do your same job? Are you known for your extreme client care? Did you sell the pants off the latest product or service and as a result won multiple awards? Perhaps you thought of a new idea, brought it to your boss and they liked it and it led to a promotion. All of these things are what make you different then that other guy who is trying to get the same job you want. What you have to do is sell these achievements to the employer in your resume.

Here are a few examples of selling versus telling:

Telling Me:
Participated in the development of a new personal training program.

Selling Me:
Spearheaded the development of a new personal training program leading to a 30% increase in member participation and a 10% increase in new membership each quarter for 2009.

Telling Me:
Managed membership accounts

Selling Me:
Directed the processing of over 100 new membership account setups ensuring 100% accuracy.

Pioneered a new application process increasing ease-of-use and reducing the amount of time needed to process by 25%.

Delivered a solutions-focused method for reducing the amount of membership cancellations by 15% each quarter for 2009.

See the big difference? In each selling me example you’re showing me there was a challenge, action, and result. Here is they key: Think about what makes you different then phrase that information with the following in mind; challenge, action, result.

Here are the most important points to remember:
 What makes me unique?
 Sell it, don’t tell it.
 Challenge, Action, Result.

If you use the following formula you are sure to have resume writing success!

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