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Two common errors and Be Concise!

Nothing will get your resume thrown in the trash faster then a spelling, grammar or punctuation mistake. Make sure you have read through your resume and cover letter with a fine tooth comb. Below are two of the the most common resume mistakes I see.

Than vs. Then – Than is used for comparison, then is used for pretty much everthing else.

Two, To, and Too – Two is pretty easy most people do not mess this one up but the other two can be a little trickier. Just remember that ‘Too’ means in excess or also. I have too many shirts or I want to go shopping too. For everthing else use ‘to’.

Don’t forget to check your punctuation as well, you don’t want to miss a period at the end of a sentence.

Let’s also touch on being concise in your resume. Here is a great example of what I mean:

Long Version: I handled the operations of the store daily.

Concise Version: Daily Store Operations

Long Version: Responsible for the managing of customer accounts, interacting with clients and answering questions and processing the daily cash transactions.

Concise Version:Directed account management, client interaction, and cash handling.

In resume writing it is best that you are not too wordy and that you utilize keywords. In the sentences above keywords are account management, client interaction, and cash handling.

If I am doing a search on Monster or Careerbuilder and I need an account manager with cash handling experience that is what I’m typing in to the search bar: Account manager, Cash handling. Your resume would be the first to pop up and that is the goal right? Ultimately, we all want to be the most qualified for the position.

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